About the Sport

Fencing is a fun and thrilling sport. It is both mentally and physically active, making it the perfect sport for University students. Often described as a physical chess game, fencers combine their speed, balance, control, aggression and tactful mindset to score points against an opponent. Each opponent you face is different, meaning the challenges to overcome are constantly changing.

There are three weapons to the sport; Foil, Épée and Sabre. All of them with very different play-styles and rule-sets, the result is that there is a weapon for everyone!

Starting fencing at Glasgow

Glasgow University Fencing Club is the perfect place to start fencing. We run classes for both complete beginners and intermediate fencers and our experienced coaches will make sure that you can start enjoying the sport within your first hour of training.

Our beginner courses last one semester and will teach you the basics of fencing. They are structured around group tuition, during which you are taught the basics of foil fencing including the footwork, blade-work, safety and the correct use of fencing equipment. The beginners course also provide an opportunity for to try the other two weapons (epee and sabre) and try out electric fencing.

You don’t need to worry about having any specialised fencing equipment to attend a beginner’s course. All you need to bring with you is a pair of trainers and some clothes suitable for sporting activity (e.g. track-suit trousers (not shorts) and a t-shirt). Glasgow Uni fencing club will supply all the specialist fencing kit that you will need.